Saturday 13 August 2011

School Holiday Alphabet Countdown - D

With a little bit of coercing the Big One was up and running on today's letter D and we were spoilt for choice.
Our list of ideas was as follows:

  • Duck (thank you Melksham Mum for her D)
  • Dinosaur
  • Dalmatian (as in 101)
  • Daddy (ahh)
  • and Dog
There was a photo taken of Daddy but he censored it. It was taken very close and from a less than flattering angle. When he is ready to be launched to the world he would prefer it to be with a photo of his own choice I think.

But Daddy treated them this afternoon and while sat indulging in a Maltesers milk shake and waffle, the Big one spotted this:

So he gives you D for Dog. No it isn't our dog, Misty Moo, and no we don't know these people. That would have been too easy I suppose!

Pop back tomorrow for E.
Until then.

Photo credit: The Big One

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