Monday 1 August 2011

Listography - Kids Movies

This one is perfect for me as a Listography virgin. There are five of us after all and the list requires 5 of our favourite kids movies.

So over dinner tonight I asked the question, "What is your favourite film?" and to keep it completely fair, I thought it only right and proper that each person should have their own entry.

So I give you, Five Go Blogging's Top 5 Kids Movies.

At number 1, from the smallest member of the family, the Wee One, I give you Dumbo.

He has watched ooh about 10 minutes of this classic Disney film before something else (like a car or a pencil or a duplo block) distracted him. But according to the Big One (who helpfully translated for him) it is his all time (18 months of life) favourite film and he especially likes the first bit where the stork keeps dropping him through the clouds!

At number 2, from the Princess, I give you Monsters Inc.

Reason? Well she has a little girl crush on Boo who is her absolute heroine, right after Jessie from Toy Story (but that would be pinching the Big One's favourite film, in at number 3, Toy Story 3.

Well what's not to love? Actually I'm not entirely sure because I haven't actually seen it yet. (I know, where have I been?) But I am reassured that despite a slight shedding of a very small and hardly noticable tear at the end of the film, the Big One LOVED it.

At number 4 we have a tie from Misty Moo, the hound of the family. She asked me to toss a coin for her (on account of her lack of thumbs) to decide between 101 Dalmatians and The Fox and the Hound. And... drum roll please.... The Fox and the Hound won!

Another classic with humour, tears and friendship. She is a big softy for a happy ending too.

And finally, at number 5, I get to have my choice. Darn, it was hard to choose. But in the fashion of an X Factor judge, I was pushed to make a really tough call. Well based on todays performance in our living room, and the fact that I was bloomin' knackered and still managed to stay awake, I give you Jungle Book. "Well I'm the king of the swingers, the jungle VIP, ..."

I defy anyone not to tap their foot, swing their hips and get down and sing along.

Thank you Kate over at Kate Takes 5 for her Listography prompt this week. Go on over and check out the other lists.



  1. My only school musical performance was tinging a triangle to the bear necessities, great choice!

  2. My 3 year old loves all the Toy Stories! Last week we visited family in Plymouth. There was a big screen in the city centre showing Jungle Book for free. All the grown ups sat on deck chairs & watched the film: the kids just ran about in the sunshine!

  3. Brilliant list! Don't worry about not seeing Toy Story, I've never watched Monsters Inc - though we just bought it, so I shall be rectifying this heinous mistake shortly. xxx

  4. Love 'em all. Too many to choose from this week.

  5. Great list - such a fab idea as it gives you ideas for films to watch and jogs a few memories too!

  6. Excellent :) I keep seeing films that I'd totally forgotten about, but now I need to watch again lol.

  7. See there are just too many good kids films- how did I miss out dumbo? Having said that I really did think storks delivered babies ....... clearly NOT the case! Xx

  8. I love love love the Jungle Book, but it didn't quite make my list, I'm so glad to see it here

  9. Ha love it! Great list - especially the first choice - must have been a tough one to decide on that!


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