Friday 30 September 2011

Book Title Poetry

You know when you happen to come across something on the interwebulator but can't for the life of you remember how on earth you got there? Well, that happened to me a week or 2 ago and I happened to fall upon (not literally I hasten to add) Janet Reid, Literary Agent.

She was running a little contest where you had to create a poem from the titles of books and then take a photo of the books you'd used. It really caught my attention and I quite literally dropped what I was doing and started scouring the shelves of my library (er, couple of book shelves actually).

Here is my entry which, I thought was rather good until I saw the quality of the other entrants:

A long way down
the road of love
more tales of the city
were burning bright.

A spot of bother
saw them
behaving badly.

One day
with nails sharpened
came the slap

Safe retreat with friends, lovers and chocolate
Just like the way we wore
the comfort of strangers
like a nice jumper.

Happy now
dead sexy
in the blue afternoon
women in love
are starting over.

There were something like 200 entrants so I'm not upset that I didn't win :-(
The winner's poem was amazing and you can look through all the entries and the winning poem on Janet Reid's blog.

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