Thursday 15 September 2011

Unwrinkle me

There have been a couple of significant events this week:

  1. I had a haircut. This is an infrequent event. I am happy with the results.
  2. While sat in front of the mirror at the hairdressers, I had plenty of (too much) time to look at myself. This is a aspect of hairdressing I do not like. In so doing I was able to assess that I am aging. I have wrinkles.
  3. I am writing.
Two of these things excite me.
One does not.

According to my hairdresser one of the above things is a direct consequence of the other two.

I HATE having a fringe. A suntanned forehead will become a wrinkled forehead. I should have a fringe according to my hairdresser. This fringe will serve 2 purposes:
  1. Prevent further sun damage and further worsening of the wrinkles.
  2. Hide the wrinkles that I already have.
But I HATE fringes (on me specifically).

Writing is also causing wrinkles. I frown when I concentrate. I concentrate when I write.

So there are 3 things I can do about my wrinkles:
  • Get another haircut which features a fringe.
  • Stop writing.
  • Buy anti wrinkle cream.

I have bought anti wrinkle cream.

PS. Any manufacturers or PR's of anti wrinkle cream who would like me to test their product, feel free to contact me. I will gladly review and write a post on the results ;-)

PPS. In writing this post I have also discovered that you can buy clip in fringe hair pieces! Who'd a thunk it?


  1. I hate hairdresser's mirrors. I always try to unfocus my eyes!

  2. I hate looking in the hairdresser's watching them fight my hair. It is meant to be a relaxing pampering time! I too am wrinkly on the forehead and a fringe is also a no no for me - does not work with thick curly, wavy, crap hair! I think we look distinguished though!

  3. have botox! changed my life!

  4. Argh I hate looking in the mirror at the hairdressers, not that I go ery frequently.
    I also hate fringes. Clip in fringes?? Wow, new one on me!

  5. Hair extensions in all forms are the way forward! Clip in fringes, clip in hair to lengthen, thicken, highlights blah blah. Just have a really boring easy to manage style and then clip in various bits of hair depending on the situation LOL! x

  6. Oh i need a fringe, can't not have one.. I have a moon face or round face for the political correct..!!

    Thoes mirrors at the hairdressers are worse ever, harsh lightning..

  7. Who doesn’t hate seeing a wrinkly forehead? I’m at my late 30’s and all I can say is that I am so grateful that my sister-in-law shared her anti-aging secret to me. Since you mentioned you want to test different products, I suggest you try what I’m using. I promise you won’t regret it!

    Sierra Whittington


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