Wednesday 7 September 2011

Little Photos From Little Fingers

Well blow me down and call me Persephone if I wasn't tagged by Actually Mummy to send the kids off with my camera (Careful. No not that way up. Not down the toilet. Delete that one immediately) and let them have fun pointing and shooting.

The Big One has had a little trip into the blogosphere with his (yet to be completed) School Holiday Alphabet Countdown and to be honest, I wouldn't see my camera working again if I gave it to the Wee One, so Princess, Come on downnnnn!

Let me set the scene. Saturday. Seeing friends. Lunchtime that drifted on till 5pm. Me, a couple of glasses of wine, just to be sociable you understand. Princess in charge of camera to capture the event.

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.



It was a lovely occasion but we will probably be using a different photographer for our next event.

As tradition dictates, I must now tag another 5 bloggers to carry the torch forward.

@somethingblue_2 dare you to let jw loose!
@mummytoboo because we've only just tweeted
@motherventing because she could write a novel about it
@ministryofmum For kicks
@mrsslummymummy For more kicks

Go and see what other little fingers have been up to at Mammasaurus


  1. Loving the last photo- in a 'Paparazzi get outta my face 'way !

    Cool photos !

  2. Aaahh we have just let our 3 year old loose with a camera and she wasnt too bad at all!

  3. Mahahaha this is an awesome meme but, uh, my baby's 10 months old? She tries to eat the camera, rather than take photos with it... MAY I BE EXCUSED?? :D


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