Monday 12 September 2011

My Interrupted Life

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My Interrupted Life

I wish I could be solitary
just for a minute or three
to privately
go wee.

I wish I could drink my coffee
before its cold completely.
Hot and frothy,

I wish I could watch daytime news.
But I don't want to lose
the innocent view
you're due.

I wish I could read a story.
No children on my knee

I wish I could sleep a whole night.
No first annoying sight.
No chink of light,
or fright

I wish I could chat on the phone
without the nagging drone
of a child prone

I wish I could complete something,
finish without juggling
and dropping
a thing.

When you're grown I'll get my wish.
Home alone and you I'll miss.
No goodbye kiss.
No bliss.

This is my contribution to The Writing Workshop and the prompt "I wish" from Sleep is for the Weak


  1. Beautiful. I do have my warm tea dn go to the loo in peace. I take my tea with me and lock the door!

  2. Lovely and SO true! x

  3. Wonderful! Oh dear - Now I'm feeling sad at the thought of him growing up!

  4. Ahhh you have made me feel all warm and fuzzy xxx


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