Saturday, 23 February 2013

365project Week 8 2013 - It will do

I am laughing at my own ineptitude.
But it is late, and like most things this week, it will have to do.
I am referring to the lopped off heads of my husbands ancestors in the top right photo of this weeks collage. May their souls forgive me.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 8 2013

The theme this week then is 'it will do'.

A hat that refuses to stay out of his eyes, but it will do.
Lopped off heads of The Rusts c1900, my husbands Great Grandparents, Grandmother and Great Aunts and Uncles, but it will do.
A mini treat - new fridge magnets, but it will do.
It is midday, they are still in their PJs but a musical accompaniment to the Princess's reading will do.
Not a lot of sun at the park but it will do.
No time to ice my friend's birthday cake, but it will do.
Not a beautiful landscape view while I drink my coffee, but this ceiling will do.

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  1. ceilngs can be great to photograph. Like the cake, a clever idea

  2. Sometimes the 'that'll do moments' are necessary to realise that life is happening. Love the silhouette of that bandstand and the way the sunlight is flaring off it.

    Thanks for linking up.


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