Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pinaddicts and Crochet Monsters

About 5 months ago, I was getting organised for my eldest's birthday party and had an idea to make crochet monsters instead of party bags (a pet hate but that's another blog post). I was inspired by these creations from craftiscool.

Amigurumi monsters by CraftIsCool

Wind forward to 2 days before the party and I realised that I had something close to 20 guests coming and only 5 monsters made. It was not going to happen.

I improvised and made ghost lollies instead. 20 happy party guests.

Wind forward a bit more and I find myself preparing for my daughters birthday party. Now where did I put those crochet monsters?

Twelves party guests, one week to go and 5 already made. The maths seemed to work so I got crocheting, sewing and embellishing with buttons. I would have taken photos as I went, but I was kind of in a rush *mops brow* so forgive me.

Essentially, the body is made up like this:

Chain 14
SC into 2nd ch from hook
work sc into each chain stitch back to your 1st stitch.
3 SC into 1st chain stitch
Turn and sc into each stitch of the original chain for 12 stitches.
3 SC into the 13th stitch and then SC into each stitch.
Continue to SC for 15 rounds.
Slipstitch last stitch to finish.

I added hair by chain stitching long loops of about 15 chains per loop and then slipstitching into the top to make a loop.

I added felt mouths or eyes, stitched on buttons and added some embroidery for extra detail. I left them open at the bottom and stuffed them with mini bags of sweets. I thought they could be used as an egg cosy, a puppet or as a secret sweet stash (but don't tell the parents). You could always stuff them and sew them up and they would just be cute friends.


FiveGoBlogging Crochet Monsters amigurumi

FiveGoBlogging Crochet Monsters amigurumi

I am joining in with Pinaddicts where your inspiration comes from Pinterest and you have a go yourself. Pop over and check out the other craft-a-holics being inspired.

Oh and if you like the monsters and fancy one ready made I could be persuaded to make one for you. Email me, yeah. x


  1. You are amazing. Totally random, but amazing!

  2. Wow, they're so cool. Excellent crafting under pressure. I'm especially loving the little one with the button mouth. Grrrrr.

  3. Today's post made me smile out loud! My favourite has to be top row, third across, purple, good eyelashes!

  4. They are brilliant, you are so clever! Have never learned to crochet, I NEED to! :)

  5. I love these! I haven't attempted crochet yet I'm a bit fingers and thumbs at that sort of thing!! But these are great and really cool alternative to the journal party bag

  6. They are brilliant! I keep looking and can't decide which I like best but I love the purple ones.


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