Thursday 7 February 2013

New Crush

Stone heart

Oh dear. I have found a new crush. But I have (mostly) given up on an old one, so that makes it okay. I can only have room in my life for one crush at a time afterall.

Firstly the ex-crush.

I have fallen out of lust with twitter. *gasp* It is too time consuming, time swallowing, time warping. I have a quick peak and before I know it an hour has gone by and the toddler has desconstructed the DVD player. I lose time to twitter and don't feel any richer or wiser after I come out the other side. I don't feel like I have achieved anything. That can't be right can it? There is a small group of tweeters that I have built relationships with and would miss, so I cannot give up twitter completely. So, twitter, can we just be friends? I am sorry. It's not you, it's me.

*pauses to get over old crush*

Right. Now my new crush.

It is pretty, it peaks into lives and shows me lovely cakes, smiles, colours and feet, a lot of feet. There is also a lot of lunch inspiration, should inspiration be what you are after. It scratches my photography itch, it fulfills my voyeuristic tendencies. I can chat, I can like. So it mostly hits the spot. It doesn't sap my day into a constantly flowing stream of 140 characters, It brightens my day. It makes me smile. It has easily slipped into my life and when we link arms we are in step. It inspires me, not just in terms of lunch, but in creative ways where I can imagine myself recreating what I see.

My new crush has a name: Instagram. Or IG to it's friends.

I know many of you have been there, had your crush, and moved on. I know Instagram has been around for iphone generations, but as a newbie iphone owner, I am bedazzled by it's wonder and am happy to stare adoringly into its square window on the world.

It doesn't seem to have a share button which means I can't show you the many lovely photos that people take, but maybe it does and I just haven't found the right button yet. But that's a thrill too: the bit where you are still exploring your crush and discovering it's pleasures ;-)

So on this Valentines night, I'll be sipping the fizz and savouring the sweetness of Instagram.

Come and say hello ;-)

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  1. ahh - I wish I had an iphone (not something I normally say - in fact instagram seems to be the main reason to want one) - if I had I would say hello. And I'm getting that way on twitter too - only I don't have IG to replace it!


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)