Monday, 15 July 2013

Dear Sewing Machine

Dear Sewing Machine,

It has been a while since I wrestled with your upper tension for which I apologise. But you are just one of my many diversions and I was lacking textile inspiration. But then I found some funky fabric (in the form of a tunic top that would never fit around my bust but might just with a tug and a pull of its A-line silhouette be re-fashioned into a top).

Sleeveless top refashion by Five Go Blogging

This was shortly followed by a stripey maxi dress in a rainbow of summery colours begging to be shortened for the Princess to parade in.

Maxi dress

Refashioned girls dress by Five Go Blogging

I'm sorry it has been so long. I even had to dust you off a bit. But now that I have found you again I shall be getting a bit more use out of you. I hope you enjoyed your little break because I now have plans for you and you will not be getting any time off for good behaviour.

Yours sewingly


  1. They're brilliant. Clever you! I've got similar shaped dresses for my little girls which they've outgrown in size and style. I'm thinking of turning them into skirts for them with stretchy waist bands. But as yet they're still lying on the spare bed...

  2. Wahoo! I'm too scared to attempt such things but I must use my sewing machine for more than sewing straight lines!

  3. Such a fab idea to makeover a dress like that! Mine is currently being punished with gathering and shirring. No time off for good behaviour here either :) I always seem to have spurts of sewing like mad then building up piles of projects & repairs.

  4. They both look gorgeous! You should definitely get the sewing machine out more often! :D

  5. Ooh you are so good! I LOVE that top! Can you make me one? ;)


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