Saturday 6 July 2013

Where Does A Fortnight Go?

Two weeks ago I was coming down from the Britmums Live high. Being sucked back into reality, when all I wanted to do was immerse myself in what my blog could become.

Two weeks later and I am still waiting for an opportunity (during normal waking hours) to get down to some serious blogography. But time seems to be slipping through my fingers. At times like this I am grateful for the 365project, to be able to look back at a fortnight's photos and remind myself where I was, what I was doing and what I was feeling. I'm looking back at them now and am shocked at how long ago some of those days feel yet are so close I could reach out and touch them.

Time is a complete mind bender isn't it.

Last weekend I was wifi-less at Center Parcs Elveden Forest so I didn't post my weekly summary hence this week is a double feature.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 26 2013

Ready steady go
Catching the swing at just the right moment
Overnight buds become blooms
Judging the perfect amount of time for a boy dunked in coffee
A helping pair of hands yet cleaning takes longer
Two wheels are faster than two feet
Spa time is my time

Five Go Blogging 365project week 27 2013

Sharp shooter
Ready Steady Go Take Two
Hours of fun in the forest
60 years ago she was Crowned
Squirrels hoovering up BBQ leftovers faster then I can sweep them up
Instant tattoo
I can imagine what he will look like in 10 years time

My motto for the coming week: Be productive and make memories.

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  1. I know what you mean about trying to find opportunities to blog- 365 does provide a bit of focus when all else goes by the wayside.

    Love the photo of the flowering buds. Great to see spa time resulted in a great photo!

  2. love your center parcs pics. Looks so serene :)

  3. i hope you enjoyed your weekend break at center parcs . you took some cracking shots - the flower one is so pretty and the huuuge cup made me smile.
    did you attend a sports day this week. the stick bow and arrow is cool as is the double sunglasses wearing due!!
    and you will get back to your blog ideas - there just aren't enough hours in the day (hugs) x x

  4. Love the fat little squirrel and that bow and arrow looks awesome. Also love the bike and the cup pics and the Astrantia Major of course ( I bought one of those the other week!)Oh and I am always running out of time for blogging - I have no idea how some of them manage to do it - I don't think they ever sleep!

  5. Oh my word, look at all those bikes! And I love the downward swing shot. The Jubilee flags were impressive weren't they?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  6. fantastic pictures and what a great motto! i love it x

  7. I got that photo of Regent street too! Gorgeous and so lovely to see you.

    Loving the bloom on your first week too

  8. What a lovely motto :) and so true!

    Sorry we missed each other on Friday - you're right - we really should wear badges... or loud t-shirts? ;)

    Thanks for linking up!
    Hannah xx

  9. Lots of lovely photos! Love the flower blooming one. Just beautiful.

  10. Great motto! And love the picture of the squirrel. Looks like you had a great time!

  11. Fantastic photos and what a lovely motto! xx

  12. Ooh spa time - lucky you. What a busy couple of weeks making lots of lovely memories.

  13. I know exactly what you mean. Time is running away from me these days too. Its nice having the 365 to look back on. LOVE the reflection photo by the way

  14. What a lovely set of photos! It is so nice to get out side so much more, really helps with the photos. My favourite is the cup and saucer photo.


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