Saturday 20 July 2013

Keeping my cool

Keeping my cool took on new meaning this week.

Not only did this week take scorchio, turn up the gas a bit and then add a dash of sizzle but I discovered I am going to have to be Supermum this summer holiday as I waved toodle pip to my super hard working Mr for the next 42 days. *gulp*

I'm used to him being away for a week or so, even two weeks, but this is 6 weeks, or to put it another way, 1008 hours of no lie-ins, no cups of tea in bed, no me-time during daylight hours, no snogs, no neck rubs, no 'I'll do their baths while you have a sit down', no idle chat over dinner, no popping out for a drink, no one to curtail my biscuit cravings, no snoring, no duvet wrestling, no sharing my chocolate bar, no lost sections of the Sunday paper. Okay, so there are some upsides but I'd rather his foibles than not.

As much as I am already feeling lonely, it is the children that I am thinking of and how much they are going to miss Daddy. I am also thinking of how quickly 6 weeks can pass if you are distracted by lovely summer activities so more than ever I need to tackle the Summer Holiday Bucket list and adapt it for single parenting of three children and for maximum entertainment. I feel another blog post coming on ;-)

But this week, Daddy was around and we had some fun in the sun.

Ice and a slice
Trike tipping
Just sun
Seeking shade at the play center
Re-purposing the sledge as a water play table
Alfresco darling
How long does it take to eat an ice cream? Depends how many photos you take of it on Instagram.

I look forward to telling you how I survive the first week of the holidays x

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  1. I want that ice lolly now!! Six weeks?!? that is a long time, I hope that this lovely weather continues as things are always better when the sun shines

  2. i do love that nobbley bobble ice lollly - the colours of the sprinkles are so eye catching,
    eeeek 6 weeks is a long time to be by yourself with the kids!!! i wish you lots of luck x

  3. I love Nobbly Bobblys! Bobblies? Them!

    I can't imagine how hard the next six weeks will be, I'll be there to hold your virtual hand. What does he do to be away so much?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. Awww hope the weeks zoom by super fast

  5. Oh gosh - I'm so sorry he's going to be away for so long, but I hope it goes quickly for you!! Lots of cyber hugs coming your way.

    On a side note, Nobbly Bobblies are the BEST ice lollies EVER!

    Thanks for linking up again :) xx

  6. Good luck, I feel your pain as hubby has been at work now 7 days a week since April and will not get a day off until November, plus the schools here have 3 months off fir the summer holidays eek! Funnily enough because of this I've made a summer list (and a linky if you fancy joining in?)

  7. Sorry, after that long comment I forgot to say how much you have made me want an ice cream like that now!

  8. Oh my, 6 weeks! It will fly by hopefully though, have a nobbly bobbly every night when the kids go to bed as a reward ;)
    (found you via the make do and push bloghop doodah by the wa!)

  9. I haven't had one of those ice creams for years...I'm off to buy one now

  10. ..... Sending Gin on ice to you through the post! You'll make it in one piece. Hugs to you. Ps that lolly looks yum! X.

  11. Hope the 6 weeks goes quickly for you? Just think you'd get control of the TV remote once the kids go to bed! I'm hoping the sun will shine and we can make the most of getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air.

  12. That's a mouthwatering ice lolly! I hope the next six weeks pass easily, hopefully the weather will stay lovely and you can have lots more ice cream and water play.

  13. Six weeks is a long time but I'm sure they will fly by with all the busy activities you have planned for you and the children. Good luck and keep the wine handy!

  14. Whoa! 6 weeks is a long time. I feel for you. Hope they're smooth for you get some rest in amongst running after the children.

  15. Great collage. Ice cream looks soo good!


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