Wednesday 14 August 2013

And relaaaaaax

Once upon a time, I would have the opportunity to relax during daylight hours. The sun would preferably be shining down on my little patch of sanctuary, there would be a glass of something refreshing within easy reach and a jolly good read would be resting in my hands.

Then along came children.

My opportunity to relax is now crammed into an hour at the end of the day, while gentle snores come from the bedrooms, when jobs are done, when I am so tired that any real appreciation for this moment of relaxation is consumed with exhaustion and mental to-do lists for tomorrow. 

But for a few minutes, before I can resist my drooping eyelids no longer, I read. I lose myself in the pages of a book where others live in my imagination leaving no room for anything except their story. 

This is relaxation for me.

Review of 'Buddha in the Attic' by Julie Otsuka to follow.

Joining in with Sticky Fingers and the prompt of 'relax' for The Gallery 



  1. I like to escape into the pages of a good book too, so relaxing :-)

  2. i so miss reading a book but these days i just have no patience...

  3. I love books and miss reading so much! Need to get back into it

  4. I love a good read to relax, doesn't feel like I've read in ages!

  5. Oh yes, books are my escapism from the whirlwind, non-stop life that is filled with children! x

  6. i relax with a real life book too ..perfect x

  7. There's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book - bliss!

  8. There's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book - bliss!


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