Wednesday 28 August 2013

Misty Moo

Misty Moo portrait

We found a lump.
My heart sank.
Her tail wagged.

All of a sudden I had to contemplate the possibility of her not being here. How could I begin to explain it to the children. She is in old age, but still fit. We think she is 12 years old but we aren't sure because we got her from a rescue home 10 years ago. They said she was 4. We thought she was younger.

She stood out immediately. She was so superior. She wasn't soppy. She wasn't jumping up at us. She just looked at us and then beyond us to the field. We took her for a walk around the grounds and decided there and then she was for us.

When we got her home, she settled in immediately, like she was meant to be there. She made a slightly odd sighing noise when she relaxed in her bed that made people jump. She was top dog.

And then came children. With each new baby, she slipped down a rung on the ladder but was never resentful, confident of her place as part of the family. Our first baby.

The vet was reassuring. A biopsy was quickly done.

I whinced.
She wagged.

And then the telephone call with the results.
All normal. Just a harmless fatty lump.

I sighed.
She sighed.
All's well.

Joining in with Sticky Fingers and the prompt of 'pets' for The Gallery 



  1. So glad for you and her all is well. She is gorgeous. xx

  2. So pleased it was nothing, she's lovely!

  3. awww gosh I am so pleased she is ok!! xx

  4. She's lovely and I'm so glad that she's ok. They are such special creatures. x

  5. Ah what a beautiful dog, she seems like an old soul to me. I'm so glad she is fine.

  6. I'm so pleased it wasn't anything serious.

  7. Stella's given me far too many of those heart-sinking but all's well moments! The vet's currently monitoring lumps as well as arthritis and epilepsy and I'm sure the insurance company dread my call but her loyalty is worth every sigh!

    Misty looks beautiful, a lovely photo :)

  8. Lovely looking dog. So glad it's good news

  9. Glad the results were good, gorgeous dog

  10. Oh you bugger. I was biting my lip all the way through. Amazing how these 'pets' become our best friends. She's just lovely x

  11. So glad it was nothing. She is a beautiful dog.

  12. I'm so glad it was nothing. What a gorgeous dog.


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