Sunday, 11 August 2013

Slowly slowly

Summer fun had taken the form of slowly and gently as the Mr recovers from his op. As much as we will it, it is not healing quickly so we have settled into a homecation for the duration.

Comfort fingers - only a child could think this indispensable accessory.
Bee watch. The gentle buzz and swinging of the lavender is mesmerising.
Pyjamas, plums and photos.
Obstacle courses while walking Misty Moo.
Nursing an injured butterfly.
Watching rain.
Plane spotting at Shuttleworth.

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  1. I love the butterfly photo - so beautiful! It looks like you've had a lovely week, despite it being gentle!

    Thank you so much for linking up again :) xx

  2. The kind of week that I like! Lovely pics as always! :)

  3. i have bee -n bee-sy (lol) taking some bee photos this week too. the finger puppets look great very creative of your daughter. my fav shot is the aeroplane - the clouds make for a dramatic image x

  4. hope he is feeling better by the day. Great shots this week xx

  5. It sounds like you are surviving, only three weeks to go! Gorgeous photo of your daughter even with the unusual accessories.

  6. Sometimes stay cations can be the best - it certainly looks like you're having fun, even in the rain!

  7. Sometimes staying at home is better - youngest daughter here has had enough of being away - just wants to be at home! Love that plane photo - very dramatic.

  8. Ah staying at home is sometimes the best. I love the comfort fingers! How did you nurse the butterfly?

  9. Great photos, especially the stormy sky above the plane!

  10. That bee is a fab photo, but I also love the photo of your daughter climbing the railing.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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