Monday 26 August 2013

On my doorstep

You don't need to go far to have an adventure. It could be as close as your local park or as far as your imagination will take you.

We are very lucky to have chosen to live in Stamford, the Best Place in Britain (according to the Sunday Times earlier this year), not only for the town itself which is steeped in history, has some beautiful buildings and can cater for that retail itch, but also for the fact that it has on its doorstep so many wonderful places which make a great day out.

So far this holiday we have travelled no further than 10 miles from our front door (with one exception to visit friends) but we've seen beautiful scenery, had some great days out and enjoyed where we live.

First up Burghley.
The House, the Park, the Gardens. All of it. Beautiful. See.

Burghley Park and House (in the distance)
View of Burghley House from the Chapel
In Burghley House, understated isn't it?
Gardens of Surprises Burghley House
The family pet fish at Burghley House

Fineshade Woods
A wood, not surprisingly, perfect for family walks or cycle rides, with added tree house and park.

The Adventurers in Fineshade Woods
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So how do we get down?

Rutland Water
Sailing and kayaking should that float your boat (groan) or a simple walk or cycle along some of its 23 miles of coastline. And another play area.

Rutland Water beach

Wave watching at Rutland Water
Another day, another slide

The Spinney
More woods, more walking, more playing, and fortunately more sunshine.

The Spinney, yep, more trees
Flying at The Spinney
A very slow but awesome slide at The Spinney

You know, I should get a job with the Tourist information office ;-)

And later this week, to make up for a distinct lack of traveling this summer holiday, we are going to Scotland. I'm expecting little or no 3G signal where we are going so I'll see you anon.

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