Sunday 20 October 2013


The ultimate answer to the ultimate question is 42. And we are at week 42 of this years 365project. Is it an ultimate week? Have any major milestones come to pass?

Not exactly. More of a passing properly into a new season as the rain falls and blankets are shaken out to snuggle under. Although I was sent an article about reinvention of oneself and it has struck a chord. More than a chord really. More a symphony. 

How would I reinvent myself?

With an Eco car to reduce my carbon footprint.

Dunk toy giraffes instead of biscuits to be kinder to my waistline.

Get more exercise chasing a certain boy.

Not just think 'Meh!' when rain beats against my windows.

Smile even when the dentist's drill is echoing in my ears.

Do something I feel proud of other than my children's achievements.

Search out a little piece of treasure.

What would you do to reinvent yourself?

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  1. Fantastic reflection on the car - I love that photo! Beautiful autumnal photos.

    Thank you so much for linking up xx

    ps To reinvent myself I'd get a new job, get my hair professionally dyed the same colour as Christina Hendricks and try to stop worrying so much!

  2. awww what a fantastic post xx i love the scooting picture xx

  3. what a great idea, I would reinvent myself as somebody that lives in a nice house with a swimming pool and a tall dark hunky rich man...and I would be a size 14.
    The Giraffe - a new diet, need to give that one a try

  4. Lovely post.
    The giraffe would be rather chewy don't you think?!


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