Saturday 26 October 2013

Half Term Happy

Blessed by some lovely weather (I know, how lucky were we?), and the Mr being off work for a couple of days has stacked up to us having a rather lovely half term holiday. Lazy mornings scattered with friends to play with has left the children with an overdose of smiles and giggles fuelled by seemingly endless energy.

This is not typical. I would normally expect major bickering by mid morning on day one of the holidays but for some reason this hasn't happened. If anything I've been complaining because they are spinning round the room lapping each other, laughing raucously and giving me a headache.

Stop having so much fun!

Thank goodness for good weather and the great outdoors. Oh and a lovely lunch.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 20.10.2013
Grinning from ear to ear to be carrying the flag.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 21.10.2013
Nail polish, eye shadow and a colouring book. One happy Princess.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 22.10.2013
I could see the smile on my face in those tiles.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 23.10.2013
Go. Run. Be free.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 24.10.2013
Sunshine, beach and shadows.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 25.10.2013
A smilely snoozy Misty Moo after a satisfying walk.

FiveGoBlogging 365project 26.10.2013
One two LEAVES! (A grainy grab from an IG video)

Back to school next week which leaves me feeling slightly down at heart, particularly as it's such a long haul till the Christmas holidays. Hopefully the children have enough happy half term memories to last them till then.

I know I have.

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  1. sounded like a fantastic week - and so much fun for you all. I love the shot on the beach with the shadows, the light and the sillouhettes! i also really like the leaf throwing one because it sums up this time of year perfectly x

  2. Oh you were on half term this week - ours is this coming week. It is a long haul till the next holidays isn't it? This term is always a bit of a slog.Looks like you got some sunshine for the holidays - loads of rain here.

  3. Fab photos! What a great week. Loving all the outdoorsy ones!

  4. Lucky you getting some sunshine for the holidays - ours is this week! Love the princess, Misty Moo and the one in the woods.

  5. Some lovely photos here. Clearly a half term to remember

  6. sunshine, beach and shadows ADORE!

  7. Beautiful photos, they are all great but my favourite is the beach and shadows.

  8. The shadow photo is gorgeous and I have a little madam who would be happy with those things too!

  9. Oh those shadows on the beach are simply wonderful!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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