Saturday 12 October 2013

Sweet Lavender Dreams - Review

The White Company Pillow Mist White Lavender

Did you sleep well last night?

No of course I didn't. I have a three year old who refuses to stay in his bed and comes and nudges me in the middle of the night for a cuddle. Lovely. But so not lovely.

So when an email drops into my mailbox asking if I slept well and would I like to test a sleeping aid my first response was yes. My second response was, are bed restraints for children legal?

Seems the answer to that question is no, probably.

I wasn't sent any restraints to review, but I was sent a heavenly White Lavender pillow mist from the White Company to apply onto my pillows to aid a restful sleep. The scent is indeed heavenly. Imagine slicing a lemon in a field of lavender. Inhale... ahh yes.

Not to be left out the children have also been sneaking a quick spray or two before bedtime, reminding them of infant days when I would waft a lavender oil scented hanky around their cots. Worked brilliantly. They would nod off gently (that may be rose tinted memories on my part).

And so the White Lavender Pillow Mist was sprayed, and heads were rested upon sweet scented pillows, and gentle dreams were dreamed. Until approximately 2am when a small person would nudge me into the middle of the bed. oh well.

Maybe a more liberal  application of pillow mist for him.

The pillow mist is a wee bit pricey at £15 but all you need is a couple of pumps to get enough scent so the bottle will last and last. I fell asleep very quickly while I used the product and the children enjoyed it too.
On the down side, it was so effective that I haven't managed to read more than 1 page a night of my book before I have to give into my droopy eyelids. I am consequently way behind on my reading and have consistently failed to catch up on any blog reading.

Disclosure: Thank you Silentnight who sent me the Pillow Mist for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own. I have not and do not intend to restrain my children in their beds.

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