Monday 28 October 2013

Not a Me&i photo shoot - Review

I am a sucker for a great print. Like Orla Kiely and her retro bright designs, me&I have captured some amazing Autumn colours in their new season range emblazoned on some fabulous T-shirts and dresses.The prints are bold and funky and easily coordinate into any wardrobe. They are also largely unisex which makes for some very cool kids on the block.

Having been sent a couple of pieces to review I really wanted to capture their coolness is all their glory. I was thinking a beautiful autumn setting, conker hunting and a soft afternoon sun to light the colours of the clothes. Yeah right.

Take this t-shirt for example:

me&i aw13 t-shirt

That shot is from the catalogue. Look at the perfectly composed photo.

Now look at my shot of the Wee One 'modelling'. Or not.

me&i aw13 t-shirt

He was having too much fun to sit still or smile or pose or in fact do anything I asked him to. This wasn't just on one day either. This is is new favourite t-shirt which he wears just as soon as I can get it clean and dry. It has been through the wash at least 4 times already and is still looking amazing.

me&i aw13 t-shirt

Did I mention they also have womenswear?
Love the colours and the print of this dress.

me&i aw13 dress

The cut is excellent and perfect for my 'curves'. Unfortunately I had just been out for a rather gut busting pizza lunch with a delectable tiramisu for dessert so my curves were more curvy than normal yet the dress was still very forgiving.

me&i aw13 dress

I look just like a model don't I?

The best bits of this dress are the sleeves are nice and long and actually reach my wrists ( I'm not a fan of 3/4 length sleeves) so I'm thinking I'm going to layer this dress up over vest tops or long sleeve tops as the temperature drops. Another plus is the wrap ties are really long so I could tie them all the way round to the front or at the back. The fabric is a lovely soft jersey with loads of stretch for those pizza lunch days and has washed really well too.

The prices may be higher than your average High Street store with the t-shirt ranging in price from £18 to £20 depending on size and the dress at £55, but I think the quality more than justifies the price. That dress is going to be a winter staple for me, and as The Wee One has already proved, the t-shirt is going to last and last and last.

me&i is a Swedish clothing company that designs and commissions cool, high-quality clothes for children and their parents, and sells them at home parties. They are really keen to attract more representatives so that the product is accessible to more mums across the UK so if you think you might be interested in joining their sales team, have a look at their company page here.

Disclosure: I was sent these items by me&i for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

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