Saturday, 14 December 2013

Not enough sleeps

Counting down the days till we can relax and enjoy the Christmas festivities. The to-do list doesn't seem to get any shorter despite furious activity. My chilled, gentle, simple days are officially behind me and I am paying for it now. Top of the to-do list is to get some craft supplies together and knock up a time machine. Which reminds me, must add a hot glue gun to the shopping list.

Ticked off this week was:

...finishing up some salt dough decorations.

... Popping to see Rudolph.

... buying the tree!!!

... and smothering it in decorations!

... I will not cry. I will not cry. Not part of my planned activities.

... unbelievably a gorgeous door without a wreath. Going to get them one and hang it on their door, knock and hide ;-)

... Princess rustled up a potion for me. Hoping it has time bending properties.

Ten more sleeps people!

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  1. Sweet salty dough decorations! I wish I was a bit more crafty, but I am not :( Did you put a wreath on that gorgeous door in the end?

  2. I am so with you.... I am making my way through the to do list, then finding myself adding more things at the end of the day! Christmas couldn't come sooner :o). Have a lovely one! XXX

  3. Oh I love the decorations, but what a shame about the broken ornament, one of the children?


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