Tuesday 31 December 2013

Thank You 2013

Dear 2013

It feels like only yesterday that we were introduced. It took me almost a whole month to stop referring to you as 2012 but we soon slotted into a rhythm that at times was way too fast for my liking. You were certainly keen to keep me on my toes, one minute it was Easter and then we were breaking up for the Summer.

Talking of Summer, that was an interesting one. There I was all prepared for a solo 6 weeks while the Mr worked away, and then you threw a curve ball and instead had the Mr at home all summer recuperating from a dodgy leg. Our original holiday was cancelled but you blessed us with a much needed late break to Scotland which rekindled my faith in you.

I cannot believe how fast you moved, because if it wasn't for the 365project and the photographs that prove they existed, I'd swear you completely skipped most of September and October. November started with climbing walls for the Big One's birthday but I blinked and then I was eating turkey and pulling a cracker. I feel like we didn't really get to know each other properly, you sped past in such haste, but looking back over the last 10 days I'd say we had fun.

Hama time:

Jelly legs under the table and a cup of jelly beans above the table:

We've been really good:

Christmas cracker hat:

Blustery Boxing Day:

Seeing stars:

And rainbows:

Playing, winning and losing:

Trying not to be poorly and failing:

Raising a gin shaped toast to the New Year:

Tomorrow you'll be gone. I won't miss you for long, sorry, because I'll have 2014 to get to know in your place. Rumour has it that it's going to bring a whole new era, by taking away my preschooler and giving me 3 school age children. I may have to spend the first 9 months of 2014 working out what the last 3 months will entail. Best not wish those months away though, they are precious, so I'll capture each day in just the same way as the last 731 days with a snapshot to remind me.
It was fun while you lasted.

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  1. i sooo know what you mean this year has flwon by so fast and it does not seem 5 mins ago that i was crying because B was off to school and now he has done 2 terms!
    lovely photos i like the rainbow one and the ones of them in their xmas hats
    enjoy next year and may it be good to you x x

  2. what a really fantastic round up post honey, I am sending hugs, health and happiness for 2014 xx

  3. I love the Hama Rudolph! Happy Gin...sorry...New Year!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  4. Oh my, every single photo I scrolled down to I thought, 'No, this one's my favourite!' and then I saw the next. I love the jelly legs, crown hair and rainbow photos. It also makes me so pleased to read what you've written about the 365 project, it's entirely the point of it because without the photographs I would forget half of the things we've done. When you look at the photos, are you transported back there straightaway as well?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 this year and well done on completing the year. Hope you'll be with me again next year?

  5. Gorgeous photos and lovely words. I'm with you with the pre-schooler too, so I agree about making the most of it, it only seems like five minutes since the end of the last year. Happy New Year.

  6. yes the exact reason we do this project to remember the good and the bad. It certainly has been blowy up and down the country.
    he doesnt look too impressed with his cracker hat


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