Saturday 7 December 2013

Simply Christmas

We are starting to feel the Christmas spirit smiling in through the window, slipping in under the door and peeking its head around the corner. We don't tend to put up the decorations any earlier than a couple of weeks before Christmas Day but a couple of little things have managed to find themselves a home for the next few weeks - a star light in the window and a pair of beautiful felt deer on my mantle. Little things. Not overly exuberant, or bling, just gently pointing towards a celebration and lovely family time. 

Days are hurtling past and the pointing is becoming more urgent but i dont seem to feel a need to rush, just taking pleasure in each day and finding lots to smile about like...

... catching a rainbow,

... breathing the sweet scent of banana muffins,

... hearing the crunching and whooshing of a scootering boy over leaves,

... playing in the park,

... finding a peeping Tom on the fence,

... enjoying a crafty advent,

... and making salt dough decorations with the children.

I know I will need to step up a gear very soon to get everything ready for Christmas but I am enjoying the lazy meander as we head towards the day.

How are your preparations going?

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  1. Loving your photos, the fence is fab! And the rainbow, so beautiful.
    I do think a lazy meander is the way to go, builds up the excitement!

  2. The salt dough decorations are fab! Where did you find the recipe? Maybe not something for this year (I think Bea would just eat it) but definitely next!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  3. oooooh i am loving it - i love getting all Christmassy :)
    i adore the catching a rainbow photo - how magical. and the eyes in the wooden poles made me chuckle! It does look like a peeping tom! The light and colours in the swing photo is great too x

  4. Wonderful photos - I love the rainbow and the swinging in the park - what a fabulous view. I really wish I could meander up to Christmas but I am working so much that just doing anything about it feels really stressful. I am with you on the decorations and I love putting out a couple of things before the full on decorations.

  5. Great series of pics! I do love your approach, sounds very relaxing and far more of what Christmas should be about - spending time with those you love! :)

  6. Wonderful set of photos, I love the fact they feel all Christmassy

  7. You are so clever!! Those decorations are amazing!! But that first photo with the rainbow is very very clever

  8. Great photos, I especially love the playing in the park shot!


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