Friday 15 July 2011

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Money,

Just wondering but when you leave my account but you haven't arrived into their account, where the heck are you? I want you back! I NEEEED you! And now I have to wait 3 working days for you to arrive properly (presumably with a written invitation and wearing black tie) before you can be refunded. And guess what? I then have to wait another 3 working days for you to properly leave their account and arrive back into my account where you rightly belong. Hope you enjoy your trip wherever you are. Send a postcard!

Wearing out the redial key to the bank, Me


Dear Big One

I am so proud of you. Even though parents weren't allowed to come to your sports day yesterday due to lack of grass on the playing field (!), your 3 first places and 2 third places is amazing. I so wanted to post it on facebook but thought that would be gloating so (privately) very well done.

With big kisses even though I know you are starting to get embarrassed by it, Me


Dear Weather

Any chance you could make up your mind? There is only so much room in the basket of my pram for raincover, sun lotion, sun hats, rain coats, fleeces etc.

Wearing bikini under my macintosh, Me


Dear Car Rental Companies

Great idea, cheaper than buying a second car for the occasional weekend when we need two cars. But could you possibly reconsider the 'like for like' refuelling policy? Please explain how I am meant to return the car with the exact same amount of fuel as when I hired it, if it is not a full tank? I know. I know. I could underestimate and then get charged a super inflated premium rate for any shortfall (note: only you will 'know' that there is a shortfall and by how much), or I could overestimate thereby spending more than I need to anyway.

Knowing I am going to get ripped off, Me


Dear Wee One

Why are you waking up every night? Bored now.

Knackered, Me


Dear Tarmac

Thank you for 4 days of entertainment. Watching you scrape up our road like a hot knife through  butter was the best fun. And *whispers* we left a foot print in the new road.

Giggling, Me


Dear Princess

Please speak normally. The whining voice that you have recently been practicing is pretty much perfect and requires no more rehearsal time. Save it for when Daddy gets home.

Wearing earplugs, Me


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  1. Love it! I've always wanted to leave a footprint in fresh tarmac!
    Thanks for dropping by my wee blog. Feel free to borrow any of my challenges that you want. I'm really enjoying completing them but am quietly pleased that I didn't set myself any targets like completing everything within a year. I add to the list when I think of new things that I'd like to do (and as my crafting ability increases...

  2. i enjoyed your post! wish i'd thought of it :) stopping past from mummy's little moneys blog hop.


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