Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Gallery - Travel

Tara's prompt this week for The Gallery is Travel which was a great excuse to browse through some old pictures for inspiration.

There was the memorable trip to Indonesia with two friends, one of whom wanted to really experience the country, the other who just wanted a hot shower. I was so with the latter. The former was set upon by a pack of monkeys while she tried to get a photo of an iguana. The monkeys were more intent on the contents of her backpack than her fortunately. Several hours later by the pool where friend 2 had spent the afternoon sipping G&Ts (sensible), we wrote to the insurance company explaining that her camera was somewhere up a tree in a reserve in Bali and should the camera be retrieved we would provide photographic evidence of the attack.

The Kenyan safari was another experience that was exceptional in its beauty and wildlife. Eight rolls of film, more hours in a jeep than I could count and a very numb bum, I would go back in a heartbeat.

But at this point in my life, travel for me is all about my kids and giving them the experiences that they will remember hopefully for more than one sleep.

So here is a shot of the Big One (on the left) and friend for their first ride on the top deck of an old fashioned bus in Norfolk clutching his newest, bestest toy, a shiny tractor.

He still remembers how scratchy the seats were!


  1. What a lovely photo, our holidays are all about what Baba would like now. Last year we went caravaning and I don't think I have ever seen anyone as excited as Baba was it was amazing! xx

  2. what a great photo and how great to hear that now your fous on travel is about the experianes for you little one :D

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments :-)
    I constantly have to remind myself that a simple day trip for me is a whole new experience for them. So I look at things through their eyes and hopefully smile :-)


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