Tuesday 26 July 2011

The one where I release my inner child!

Because that little girl who was never too far away from a book or a pencil is still in there.

Given the choice (time), I would be writing or drawing or taking photos or making something. Easy.

But time is so hard to find. It eludes me. There is always something in the way. Something grown up and 'important' and BORING!

Except today. In rained. A lot. Big fat sploshy drops that land and then rise again, bouncing off surfaces to make more drops. From the sanctuary of the door step I watched as they fell incessantly.

I experimented with the settings on the camera trying to capture the scale of the drops and the splashes as they hit the table. I cursed not having a better zoom but continued to snap away revelling in the marvels of digital photography and the gift of being able to shoot 100 frames and delete 98 of them without having wasted money on films and developing.

The kids watched TV uninterested. I had to cajole them into their wellies to go and splash in some puddles. Princess's wellies sprung a leak. The Big One complained that his wellies were too small. The Wee One sat down.

I lifed my chin up high so the water could hit my face, not so heavy now but still raining. I stuck out my tongue to get a drink, licking my lips expecting saltiness but tasting nothing. I looked round to see what the children were doing. They were taking off their wellies, deciding that it was too cold and wet. Even The Wee One with his now sodden trousers looked back over his shoulder and I swear he sighed and shook his head.

I smiled. I executed a near faultless pirouette on the patio for no-ones benefit but my own. With my arms swinging out at my sides I felt the rain against my skin and then I too went indoors, the grown up resurfacing, remembering how frizzy my hair gets in the rain.

Thank you Josie at Sleep is for the Weak and her Writing Workshop prompt: Big Kids


  1. Oooh... I so want to put my wellies on now and go out and do the same! We could then have a hair frizziness contest! ;o)
    The photo is wonderful too.

  2. Actually Mummy, I thought you were going to say you can picture my frizzy hair :D

  3. Brilliant! This is written so well, I almost felt I was there. Im actually wishing it to rain now so I can have a go xx

  4. Aww this is great, beautifully written and so much fun. x


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