Saturday 2 July 2011

Upcycle Butterfly Garland

Feeling a teensy bit creative.

It was decided (by me) that we (I) would make a cute butterfly garland for The Princess to hang in her bedroom.

Take one sheet of (used) wrapping paper, scissors, thread and paper glue.

Cut out as many butterflies as you wish (can be bothered to). It does help to have a steady hand and ensure that there isn't anything on TV you want to watch. Watch out for those tricky antennae (or whatever the correct anatomical name is for butterfly's sticky up bits).

Cut a length of string or ribbon (or in my case embroidery thread because the chances of me ever doing any embroidery are slim to nil).

Apply glue to the wrong side of a butterfly and lay the thread down the middle.

Find a matching butterfly. Ideally do this before you have applied the glue or, as you try to delicately turn the glue covered butterfly over to remind yourself what colour and shape it was, you will cover your worksurface and yourself with glue thereby increasing the degree of difficulty of the craft exercise by a factor of 10. I also recommend (from experience) that you do not try to do this on the garden table, as the slightest breeze can make it a tad tricky to keep your butterflies from flying off in all directions.

Apply the second butterfly directly to the first matching up the symmetrical shapes. (Did I mention that it helps enormously if the shapes you are cutting out are symmetrical so that when you stick them back to back you haven't got ugly edges sticking out).

Repeat with more butterflies at approximately 10cm intervals.

Allow to dry and hang decoratively at the window thus.

I thank you.


  1. This looks fantastic - I'm loving the fact you have tracked what will be my butterfly garland crafting session through your brackets and what-not-to-do tips. The irony is even with them I'll be trying to prise stuck down butterflys up without ripping them ten minutes in. Totally unavoidable!
    I just popped in to nose around and really love it - are you enjoying blogging?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by dichotomyof. Glad I could be of some (limited assistance). Just scratching my writing itch and loving it. Come back soon x

  3. This is lovely. I want one! My daughter would love it.


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