Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Gallery - Photo Resolution

I have a photo resolution.
It is inspired by Tara at Sticky Fingers in this weeks Gallery.
It is very simple.
Switch from A to M.

A is for auto.
M is for manual.

FiveGoBlogging taking photo

This picture of The Big One was taken in the summer when I set the kids a challenge to take lots of photos on our day out. I let them have fun and play with the camera. That's exactly what I want to do too!

Whats the worst that can happen? I'm not going to waste film am I, like in the olden days. I'm going to discover the different effects that those dials have on my photos. I'm going to experiment. So I may have more duff shots than I do at the moment but that is what the delete button is for and while I am making mistakes I will be learning.


If the worst does happen, there is always an array of photo editing websites available to hide behind!

For more photo resolutions head over to Sticky Fingers.


  1. Good luck!! I need to use mine properly too.

  2. Good luck too - I'm still on 'A', not quite ready to switch to 'M' - but one day!

  3. Hope it goes well. I'm sure it will be worth the effort of learning.

  4. Go you!
    You've got totally the right attitude about it to; just have a go, have fun and if you get stuck on which something isn't working just ask Twitter!

  5. trying to turn off word verification grrr!

  6. I thought your resolution might be to stop fiddling AFTER the photo has been taken! ;)

  7. Good Luck with that, i'd like to get to grips with manual mode too this year x

  8. That is a brilliant attitude and you are so right. What am I scared of? I am not going to waste film and the worst that will happen if the picture will be crap!

    Great resolution!


  9. I need a camera with dials first!! brae lady!

  10. It is hard sometimes to use the manual settings, especially when you're taking a pic in a rush and only got a second to get it right. Good luck though, and you're right, plenty of tools out there to correct exposure and clarity later ;-)

  11. I think there is a common theme in these resolutions today. It seems many of us need to get from a to m. You are right about the film. I wonder if there is a part in those of us that remember film that holds us back a bit.

  12. I use my phone all the time so I don't have that problem at least! When I grow up I might buy myself a proper grown up camera!

  13. That's something I need to do too.

  14. A great resolution! Ah yes remember film cameras and you used to worry how they were going to turn out?!


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