Thursday 26 January 2012

Around the World in 80 Words

Clever old thing that SAHDandProud. He's only gone and thought up this brilliant meme where you describe somewhere in the world (that you have probably been to) in only 80 words.
I have travelled a bit, on holidays with suitcases where I come home after 3,7,10 or 14 nights, and once with a backpack for all of 21 days in Indonesia, which was nice but I missed hot showers and discovered a phobia of rats, cockroaches and lizards. I have even lived abroad, in Poland, which was cool, well very cool, in fact cold in the winter and surprisingly hot in the summer. But that's another blog post.

However, the place I want to talk about is where I seem to be most often at the moment, with the Wee One on my knee.

Fireman Sam and the Giant Toddler
Fireman Sam was going to need reinforcements!


I find it astonishing that in a town with a population of thirteen (sixteen if you include pets), there are so many emergencies requiring the assistance of Fireman Sam. Pontypandy might have a pizzeria, the seaside, mountains and a forest but they all seem to present regular, if not daily hazards. But while there is a chance of being rescued by Tom and flying in his helicopter, I think it is a trip worth taking. PS Get health insurance.

Now pop over to SAHDandProud to add your travel guide to the ever growing list.


  1. Haven't watched Fireman Sam for a while now,ahh the good old days ;-)

  2. Maske mental note - must buy a fireman sam engine for lifes emergencies and a seating post for a good cuppa!

  3. Dartford Living magazine have been doing that concept (around the world in 80 words) since 2009


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