Monday 30 January 2012

Pic Lit

You all know I'm doing a 365project where I take a picture a day.
And you probably know that I like to write.
But I am not writing enough. At least not enough creative writing.
So I've had an idea.

Once a week, I am going to pick one of the pictures I have posted for my project, one that inspires me, made me look a bit closer, a bit longer than usual, and then write about it, creatively, in a story kind of way, in a fictional sort of style, sort of.

And I shall name it Pic Lit (like Chick Lit but not). Picture Literature in other words.

Get it? Okey dokey then.

~ ~ ~

Climbing Fences

- Come on!
- Where?
- Over there. Look! there's a horse. We could ride it.
- No. We shouldn't.
- Come On!
- No, it's not allowed.
- Who says? Come ON!

The horse looked up suspiciously, snorted and then returned to munching on the frosty grass.

The fence was slippery and his foot slid slightly. He wondered how far he would dare go. Jump down the other side? Yeah, that would be ok. Maybe go to where the horse was standing. Because the horse would have moved away by then, wouldn't it? Horses were friendly weren't they? Weren't you supposed to give them sugar lumps or polos or something? He checked his pockets knowing he wouldn't have any sugar lumps or polos. When had he ever carried sugar lumps or polos anyway? Stupid!

On the other side of the fence, the sunlight had thawed the frosty ground enough to make it quite muddy. He wished he had worn wellies now. He had no idea what he was going to do really. Just wanted to spook his sister. She was such a drama queen and never did anything daring. She had once hidden from Mum, really held out for ages, until she could hear that Mum was getting a bit panicky. She thought that was daring. He could see she was getting all worried, hopping from foot to foot and looking around all the time. She was telling him not to, starting to raise her voice a bit. He thought it was really funny when he ignored her. She would get so cross and start shouting and when she couldn't stand it any more she would scream at him and start to cry. Maybe she would cry now. Maybe someone would come around the corner, see her standing there screaming and crying and call the Police thinking that something terrible had happened to her, She would get to ride in Police car. He had always wanted to ride in a Police car, with the lights flashing, the siren blaring, driving so fast that your eyes were blasted open and you couldn't move in your seat. She would love that, "I've been in a Police Car and you haven't." with a silent but implied "Na na na naaa na!" Couldn't let that happen. If anyone was going in a Police car it was him.

He didn't like horses anyway.

~ ~ ~

Should you feel compelled to join in, I have made a little badge that you could use :-) Mention me won't you x


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