Friday 6 January 2012

Vintage Threads

I think of vintage and I think of designer vintage clothing like Chanel, Pucci or Givenchy, and I think of how much you can spend on what, once upon a time, you might have found buried in a charity shop somewhere in Chelsea. Then a whole industry was born out of vintage, and old cast offs were given a very lucrative new lease of life.

As much as I would have loved to have a Mother whose wardrobe I could plunder and launch my own vintage retro clothing collection from, there was an unfashionable side to the 70's that Mum comfortably resided in. Sorry Mum!

Subsequently I have no inherited vintage gems I can share. :(

So to my own purchases.


Right, well I have a couple of pairs of socks that... no probably not.

Digging a bit deeper and behold, my gym gear! Last worn circa 2002. Ten years ago. I could have properly scared myself and tried it on but that would be simply foolish. How to depress yourself in 1 easy step: try on too tight lycra.

I have this T-shirt that I think could be bordering on the vintage. Erasure Phantasmagorical Tour 1992.

Erasure Phantasamagorical Tour T-shirt

I was there, in Hammersmith, with my flatmate and his sister, singing along, loudly and loving every minute. I have no idea why I have kept the T-shirt. It is unflattering. It has seriously faded. It has no sentimental value. But it has been in my comfy clothing drawer (everyone has one of those, right?) for at least 10 years and gets an outing once a year when it gets so cold I need to wear long sleeves in bed. Whoo hoo!


I also have this coat which I love and sort of looks retro, in the dark and if you squint.

Fake fur coat

I bought it in Poland, where it's thick luscious fake fur was an absolute necessity and where, if you are anti real fur you can still blend right in with the Poles (at least you could in the late 90's. But I somehow think fashions have moved on significantly since then and if I was to go back and visit Warsaw, I would look like someone's ageing spinster aunt). That all said, I look like someone's overweight ageing spinster aunt if I wear it here too!

Thank you Melksham Mum who tagged me :) and Motherventing who started this Meme x

And now I tag From Fun To Mum, Stressy Mummy and HPMcQ.
Show us your vintage ladies! And apologies if you already have x


  1. You're welcome x I had loads of gig and band t shirts from my yoof (!) and am so annoyed I didn't keep them. I clearly didn't look ahead and think one day I might want to blog about them - dammit! There's something quite nice about your coat x x

  2. Oooh I love that coat! I had something similar that I lost and was gutted about, for ages. So hang on to it.

    Thanks for letting us sneak into your wardrobe ;)


  3. Thanks for tagging me on this, I'll try and do it soon. In the meanwhile, your coat is amazing! You look really good on that photo too, cool post!

  4. I love your coat and you look mysterious...


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