Sunday 20 May 2012

365project Week 20

Let inspiration flow. So easy to say but really difficult if you feel you NEED to be inspired, if you are on a deadline to be creative.
That was how I felt this week. A brainstorming session with a friend to think up our next (first) big idea was planned and I wasn't feeling it, until a throw away comment sparked a seed of an idea which we hope could be fun and could actually be a step in the right direction for us both.

Look differently.
Look to the stars, to the clouds to the birds in the sky and hope.
Look closer at what you see everyday and notice something new.
Look at what is familiar and break it up into tiny pieces.
Look really closely at the minutia and see beauty instead of a weed.
Watch for that seed to grow and become something great and whole.
Look what happens when you mix things differently, they become funny and weird.
Letters become words become ideas.

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  1. What lovely images my favourite is the Danelion .. I just wan to blow it !

  2. Love the dandelion, but also like the idea of looking at things differently. I may have to 'borrow' it!

  3. Brilliant as always and very inspiring!

  4. Is that sausage threaded onto spaghetti???? How do you do that? I like the pen or maybe the building pic best.

    1. I was going to say that! Way too much time on her hands if you ask me ;)

  5. Lovely when something or someone inspires you to look at things another way. Lovely photos from ordinary situations.

  6. Fab photos once again. I lurve the dandelion one and the pen is very clever. I think my next challenge will have to be to take photos of ordinary stuff and make them look good!


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