Saturday 12 May 2012

Alternative Blogging Awards

Alternative Blogging Awards 2012

Now I haven't made the finalist stage of ANY blogging awards I feel a little deflated. That was going to be my excuse to get a new frock and now I don't have an excuse or a budget so I'll be crocheting something out of old t-shirts I expect for BritMums.

However I do feel that there are some blogs out there that may have fallen through the cracks, that haven't been given the recognition that they rightly deserve (apart from mine obviously). This could be because they just haven't got the following yet or it could be that they didn't really fit into the right category.

In fact I really feel that there were some categories that were missed. This may have been a genuine oversight by the organisers, or a deliberate ploy to avoid having to make too many trophies due to budgetary constraints and the price of tin these days. Whichever the reason I would love to recognise some of those less well known bloggers who's niche is so niche it could be considered a niche of niches in blogging.

I have a couple of suggestions but I am eagerly anticipating a deluge of alternatives from your good selves. Hey, if this takes off 'we' could organise our very own Blogging Awards!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blogosphere, I would like to open the alternative category debate with a couple of suggestions designed to provoke thought and blogging discovery:

Best Blogger that isn't a Blogger but should be
Best Pet Blog
Best Crap Crafting Blog
Best Blog Name
Best Use of a Blogging Widget
Best Gin-swilling Blog

Oh the list could go on, which I hope it will with your suggestions?

What category could your blog win? Mine? Best Use of Emoticons ;-)


  1. Best blog name is a cool one!

    Great idea! And i'm sorry you've not made it to any finals :( xx

    1. I'm fine about it really *weeps into a hankie*

  2. Best blogging in adversity?

  3. Haha good idea! Can I plonk myself in for best blog name haha you'll have to make little medals and all you know :-p x

    1. Damn, I'd better start savingmilk bottle tops. Actually, do they even exist any more?

  4. Can I add a category for 'Most Changed Blog Design Since Launch in March'? I'm on my 4th design and really REALLY want to win something lol xxx

    1. Done, and you are in line to win this category!

  5. Great idea. How about, best use of an expletive in a blog post.

  6. ooh can I join in?! I'm sorry you didn't get to the finals :( I was a bit miffed not to be nominated in any at all so am def up for this - now to think of a category! I know Best Blogger after midnight (checks clock - yup it's late again)or Worst Blogger for replying to tags.


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