Wednesday 30 May 2012

My Bloggerversary

One year bloggerversary

30th May 2011.

One year ago today I posted my first blogpost about my to-do lists. The first list was all about housework which still remains, a whole year later, on the to-do list. The second list was all the things I wanted to achieve. It was a short list but with some significant milestones.

  1. Top of the list was Make Things. Still on the list but only because as soon as I've made something there is something else to make. And add to that the #pinaddicts meme and I have to make at least one thing every month.
  2. Then there was Write Things. Still on the list (spotting the trend here?) only because this blogging lark is totally addictive and I love it so much. Why would I stop? The novel is still in draft form (in my head).
  3. Sleep more. Hmm, what I failed to realise was that blogging eats into your time and I think I actually sleep less. Oh well.
  4. The retreat? Zero progress on that one although I have a plan involving a shed and a tin of paint. Thing is, the Mr wants it for his den too. We may have to have his and hers!
  5. Be a retail consultant. Well I may not be a retail consultant (yet) but there are plans afoot to be a consultant of sorts, so maybe by my next bloggerverary...
  6. A Social Media Consultant will definitely have to wait. Actually it has completely lost its appeal. Having said that I love all things social media if I could only keep up with it all. Perhaps I just need considerably more practice ;-)
As nice as it is to look back at my year of blogging and laugh at my first blog post (and my first comments x) the real reason for this post is to thank anyone who has ever looked at my blog or even read some of it and taken the time to write a comment.

Lots of blogging love to my lovely regular followers. I love you all, especially YOU. x


  1. You've been a pleasure to read. May you enjoy many more bloggerversaries and achieve your hearts desire X

  2. Lovely blog that puts a smile on your face,I mean my face, and yours too I expect, you know what I mean.By the way, never retreat, always stand your ground. See you soon. Terry x

  3. Happy Bloggerversary - thoroughly deserved and I hope there are many more - dare I put an x !!!

  4. Happy Bloggerversary - so glad to have found you ... may your blogging adventures continue!

  5. Gosh has it really been a year?? I feel a little bit proud of you (although I have no right to whatsoever)!
    I am now intrigued as to what kind of consultant you are going to become!

  6. Happy Bloggerversary missus! I've loved reading your posts and look forward to being envious of your craft skills for a long time to come. *Bakes a birthday cake in your blog's honour*


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