Friday 18 May 2012


pen and paper, brainstorming

Its a funny phrase, brainstorm?

I had a brainstorming session yesterday, which was quite an achievement given the closest thing to a storm my brain has seen in the last 3 years is a bit of drizzle, possibly light rain with a stiff breeze but certainly not anything close to a storm. But like after a good thunderstorm, my brain feels refreshed and mildly more functioning than it was pre-brainstorm, which is good.

To recap, I was asked by a friend recently if I wanted to work with her on a project (as yet unspecified). After a few moments of panic, confusion and flicking through my dictionary to refresh my memory on the definition of work, I thought "Hell, yeah!". And so I found myself sat with pen and paper in hand opposite my friend throwing ideas around and scribbling random words onto paper to see if a pattern emerged.  It did.

This could mean I am actually going to apply myself to something other than grocery shopping and children. And I am excited. The idea is very rough, but sound at its core. There are bits which scare me, and bits which excite me, but the very act of using my brain and the skills I have acquired in my working years was thrilling and I didn't want to stop. I could have sat there (perhaps after a caffeine refuel) for another couple of hours, throwing more ideas around and scraping a plan together.

After a couple of years of not working, I was confused about what I wanted to do but knew I wanted to do something that was flexible, used my skills and was rewarding. So many women must be in a similar position, youngest child just starting school and an opportunity to go back to work, but lacking confidence and direction? Are you going to be in this position in September? What are you going to do? *poised to steal ideas*

My friend and I are getting together again very soon for more planning. And I can't wait.


  1. All sounds very positive! Good luck with it x

  2. I know the feelings you're describing. I have three children, the eldest is seven, the youngest two. Ten months ago I was reading a blog about someone who had moved from the UK to another country to live. They talked about their experiences, feelings, the differences and what they missed. I had been in Canada for a year and thought, "This is something I could do!" I started a blog, despite a complete absence of techy knowledge whatsoever, and learned as I went along. I got such a buzz from using my brain and skills again after seven long years of nappies, naps and spoon-feeding, it soon became addictive.
    Today my blog has evolved into a platform for my work and I have written for newspapers and websites. I'm carving a career as a freelance writer. Life has taken an unexpected turn and I have found something that brings me deep satisfaction.
    Good luck with your idea. I hope it brings you as much pleasure as mine did.

    1. Wow! You are an inspiration!
      I definitely believe in fate so I'm ready to take what comes :)

  3. Exciting!! I know planning is often a neccessary evil, but I love Sir John Harvey Jones' quote on this; 'Planning is an unnatural process. It is more fun to do something, The nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression'

    1. Sarah, you are a wise woman.
      Whatever happened to Sir John Harvey Jones?

  4. no ideas whatsoever I'm afraid. If I had them I would be using them (although I could do with borrowing your motivated friend!) I would love to find something that I enjoy, can do and make some money, unfortunately although I am back at work and it's not bad it's not exactly my life's ambition either!

  5. Wow! this is so exciting! I will watch this space hoping that you'll disclose more soon. Best of luck! x


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