Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Quick! Call 999 (911 for US readers) (and er... *checks google*... 112 for most of Europe) (000 for Australian readers) (I could go on, but I'm boring myself).

There has been an accident!
Oh, wait. No, it's okay. He's got up. In fact he's... yes he is trying to lift the tractor himself. Oh my goodness. He seems to have developed super human strength and can lift 5 times his own body weight. No, hang on. No. We are going to need a pick up truck after all. What do you mean you don't handle that kind of emergency? Don't you realise that if he hasn't got his tractor back up and facing the right way in precisely 15 seconds I will need medical attention?


You may be able to think of a more concise caption. If you can, please feel free to share it in my comments x

Joining in with Mammasaurus and #Satcap.


  1. I Dig(ger) your super human strength boy!

  2. Where is bob and all his friends when I need him? Guess I'll have to do it myself tsk

  3. Just when Mum had forgotten to renew her RAC roadside policy....

  4. what do you mean it won't fit through the gap?

  5. The fastest way to sort holiday roadblock is to deal with it yourself!

  6. Damn it there goes my no claims bonus

  7. Muuuuuum!! I thought this was supposed to be fun, but I'm not getting anywhere!!

  8. And that's what I think of the PINK tractor! Humph...


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