Saturday 26 January 2013

365project week 4 2013

The novelty is officially wearing off.
We are over the snow.
Actually we are over the cold which was the toughest part of the week.
Thermal tights, double socks and soggy gloves be-gone.
Flat hat hair, I hate you.
Icy pavements, I dare you.
Next week I'll be moaning about the rain.
Never satisfied.

Fivegoblogging 365project week 4 2013

So this weeks theme is 'cosy'.

If I look up the snow will go in my eyes :-(
Dolls tucked up under their bandana blanket pretending it is a down filled duvet.
The uncosiest photo of the week. Brrr.
Lightbulb giving off a cosy glow.
Rosy lollipop fuelled cheeks.
Gulls grateful for comfort food.
Shops are cosy. And escalators are fun.

Stay warm. And dry x

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  1. We're over the snow as well which is a good thing because it's raining now and I expect it'll all be gone in the morning :)

  2. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

    I thought I was the only one who was fed up with the snow.

    Hope you have a good week

  3. its hard to get over something that you didn't really have lol but i would be fed up with it after all this time too. i like the lollipop photo the red pop matches his rosy cheeks x

  4. Great photos, I love the dovet one! Just popping over from 365 at TheBoyandMe

  5. We are the same! Today the sun is shining and the snow has finally gone, hurray! Lovely photos x

  6. those babies look very cosy in bed!

  7. Love the shot of the building in the snow

  8. Very pleased to see the dollies are snug in bed ;) Bring on the rain

  9. That light bulb pic is pretty cool!
    Love the shot of the gulls

  10. Love the contrast of your cosy pics against the snowy ones. Makes them feel more cosy somehow.

  11. Elaine Livingstone27 January 2013 at 19:33

    we have had no snow at all, is grossly unfair. Love the dolls under the bandana

  12. Looks like you got loads of snow. Hope you and the family had fun in it. Great photos for the week.

  13. Lovely photos- especially the escalator ride- a favourite with ours!

  14. Our snow was quite polite in the end. It lingered all week then we got about six inches on friday night. On Saturday everyone went out to play in it and then on Sunday it tipped down with rain all day and disappeared, taking the ice along with it!


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