Wednesday 2 January 2013

Inspiration and Intuition (allegedly)

plasma ball

There once was a time when I would anticipate the arrival of January's glossy magazines with great excitement and turn immediately to the ubiquitous horoscopes eager to find out if this was going to be 'my' year. And do you know what? It was always going to be my year according to those more adept at interpreting the stars than a mere mortal such as myself.

Sucked in again this year, but feeling the pinch so not in the market for an armful of glossy advertorials, I flicked open my Sunday Times and read Shelley Von Strunckel's predictions for me (and the other 5 million or so Geminis in the UK).

Turns out, this is going to be MY year. Who knew? Let me explain (and translate the astrological metaphors into something that relates to my world.)

For you, happiness is about life brimming with stimulating activities, intriguing people and something exciting to learn about.

So far, so good. No predictions but a pretty good summary of what my life is lacking.

While you had plenty of these in 2012...

Whoa! Just hold on a second. Where? When? Define plenty. Which bus where they on then?

... there was so much chaos you couldn't really enjoy it.

Ah, now, chaos. That is back on familiar ground. Still, there must have been a pretty heavy dose of chaos for me to have missed the stimulation, intrigue and excitement that was queuing up at my front door. Mind you, I am normally holding a dog lead in my mouth, clutching an assortment of forgotten paraphernalia under an arm and gently nudging (with a heavy boot) three children over the threshold so it is quite possible a long queue of opportunities were there, although slightly trampled upon and therefore lower than my line of sight.

Now that winning combination of pursuits and people comes together more easily, often almost as if by magic.

So if were to happen upon a kindly looking lady of maturing years, who can levitate and says' "Call me Fairy Godmother." I shouldn't do a runner. Got it.

If there is any theme to this year, it's that: inspiration.

I do like a year with a good theme. I think it ties things together nicely into a neat little package that you can label 2013, so if inspiration is it then I could do worse. Last year's was chaos after all. 

During 2012 your intuition is stronger and you act on it swiftly, so much so that you can't question those impressions.

Trust me, Shelley, if my intuition says 'Here lies the path to wealth and happiness' I am all over it like a cake at a weight watchers meeting.

There is more about my feelings being deepened, romance thriving and being able to savour time with friends and family. So I can only assume that this path to wealth and happiness that my new intriguing Fairy Godmother is going to materialise from her fairy dust spangled handbag, comes with an abundance of free time generated by the home help, chef, nanny and personal assistant. Marvellous. Can't wait to get started.


  1. From chaos to inspiration - I like the sound of that. This will be your book publishing year!!!

  2. Great to hear! Being a fellow Gemini! All the best for 2013!

  3. Once you've finished with the fairy godmother, can you send her this way please... Here's to this year being a GREAT year! :)

  4. Ha, I used to be exactly the same with those pesky new year mags and their predictions!! Now I laugh in the face of all horoscopes, though do still find myself strangely intrigued as to everyone's star sign, as if it is a key to who they really are. Hmm.

  5. Ha Ha! Great idea for a post. I'm exactly the same with horoscopes. There's always something in them you can relate to yourself isn't there? So clever. Hope you get what you want from 2013.

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