Friday, 11 January 2013

"I'll just..." and the art of procrastination

pigeon in tree

How many times today have you said, "I'll just *insert anything other than the thing you ought to be doing here*"?

A summary of my day...

"I'll just make a coffee."
"I'll just check facebook."
"I'll just flick through instagram."
"I'll just take some photos of those pigeons in that tree."
"I'll just look through instagram."
"I'll just see what the Wee One is doing."
"I'll just finish that pot of coffee."
"I'll just look at that job advert again."
"I'll just check my instagram timeline."
"I'll just build a city and play cars with the Wee One."
"I'll just make lunch."
"I'll just check my emails."
"I'll just check instagram."
"I'll just sneak a peak at twitter."
"I'll just organise my fabric stash."
"I'll just build a den with the Wee One."
"Well it's not worth filling that job application now. I'll do it later."
"I'll just make a quick cup of tea."
"I'll just write a blog post."
"Is that the time?"


I know how to fill a day. With absolutely nothing achieved.

But there is always tomorrow. And that is the problem. Tomorrow I will set some milestones and deadlines.
Yeah. Tomorrow.

I wonder what that pigeon was supposed to achieve today?

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  1. Hang on a minute, I'll just put the telly on for the kids and make a cup of tea, then I'll come and think up a serious answer for you... ;)


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