Saturday, 30 March 2013

Boy Flu and week 13

Week 13.
Unlucky for some.
We have been infiltrated by the lurgy / flu.
And the Wee One got the full force of it and has officially been diagnosed with Boy Flu.

A sneeze requires anyone in a meter radius to seek immediate shelter or be slimed.
Snot trails stretch all down one sleeve and back up the other.
Sofa snuggles last 96 hours.
Previously eloquent boys repeat the same phrase, "Mummy, I got snot", 4621 times. At least.
New extremes of attachment parenting are reached in the bathroom.

You get the picture.

As spectacular as some of those snotty sneezes were, I have saved you from photographic evidence.

Fivegoblogging 365project week 13 2013

Poorly boys need cars to play with. And poorly Mummy's need a dustpan and brush to tidy with.
Poorly boys are fascinated with Plasma balls. *distraction therapy*
Not poorly girls are always up for a laugh.
A plague of icicles.
Poorly Mummy wearing a scarf indoors to fight off the shivers.
More snow. *yawns*
Poorly boy. Get well soon Wee One x

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the flu nasties and hope everyone feels better soon.

    Loving the icicle photo

  2. Lots of lurgy about everywhere :( Icicle photo is fab and I love plasma balls. We have one too. Lovely shot of not poorly girl. Such a lovely natural one> Hope the bugs are gone very soon x

  3. I'm having huge icicle envy this week. I've been dying to find some to photograph in our garden but I think it gets too much sun for them to form.
    Hope your boy is on the mend.

  4. Hope your poorly boy is recovering, there is so much sickness around at the moment. Thank you for sparing us any 'snotty shots'.

  5. awww hope he is feeling better soon! love the pictures x

  6. Loving the pictures, hope the lurgy goes soon, and you can have a good Easter break. The icicle shot is fab!

  7. we've had the flu here too, knocked all three of us sideways. hope all is getting back to normal in time for chocolate scoffing! happy easter x

  8. hope everyone feels better soon x

  9. i am sorry - as much as i am sympathetic to your boy and his flu i couldnt help but laugh at your words because I could have written them myself!! Jenson has been like a tap with all the constant snot that has come out!!! nightmare stuff lol
    anyway, i hope your boy is over the worse of it now.
    love the icicles
    happy easter x

  10. Wow those icicles are crazy. Love the dustpan full of cars. A good way to clear them up

  11. i might steal the idea of clearing up cars with a dustpan and brush, and the icicles looked amazing

  12. Hope you are all feeling better soon.
    Great idea for tidying toys (think I will be trying with lego!).
    Love the plasma ball shot.

  13. Bad week! Hope you're all better now and the snot has dried

  14. I'm so sorry you've all been poorly! We're in thr throws of it too, hence the 5am comment! Hope you all feel better soon

  15. Those icicles are truly magnificent! I also love the laughing child photo, and you snuggled up. Warm I hope?

    Thanks for linking up.


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