Thursday 7 March 2013

Pass it on

crocheted heart

Today I had a little tiny bit of good news.
I have got a part time job. It is so part time it hardly registers on the clock but it is a start.
It is the beginning of the next bit. The bit that comes after trying to interpret gurgles, calling a day when you washed AND dried laundry productive, baby groups with self congratulatory mothers, competitive tiredness and nappies.

This is the bit when I become a self congratulatory mother for one paragraph. feel free to skip ahead if it makes you scream inside. The Wee One has mastered the potty. He is in pants full time and And AND he is dry at night too. I have done my grocery shopping and not a nappy in sight. I am celebrating by spending the fiver I would have spent on nappies on a bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

With two bits of good news in my positive pile, I had a wander through my blog reader and wanted to share a couple of posts with you. You may already have read these but if not pop over and have a gander.

Firstly, BabberBlog. His take on conjunctivitis is hilarious, masterful in fact. I implore you to read it. If you haven't ever had to administer eye drops to a small child then take this very well placed advice.

Secondly, Mr London Street. He is desperate to open up and tell people what he really thinks, do what he really wants to do, even if that is write jokes on meeting room white boards. I think we all feel like that sometimes (most of the time) but he wants to tell himself what to do first. Go and give him permission.

And finally, this from Likecool. No further explanation required.

moustache and shades haircut

Are there any fab posts that you have read this week that you would like to share? Have you had some good news? Pass the love on.


  1. Congrats on your part time job... Glad you are putting the extra money to very good use! Chin chin - it is Friday after all! :) x

  2. Hooray for good news! Huge congrats on the job *fist pump* and the potty training. You definitely deserve to do some self congratulating today. Enjoy the vino xxx

  3. Well done you! And well done the little one!
    Sounds like a great week and good luck on the part time job xxx

  4. Well done on your part time job, and the potty training - huzzah .... there are so many great blogs out there, including yours! X.


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