Monday 11 March 2013

The highs and lows of potty training

High: Telling you he needs a wee/poo before doing a wee/poo
Low: Telling you he needs a wee/poo as he does a wee/poo on your foot

High: Getting all the wee/poo in the potty
Low: Spilling all the wee/poo over floor whilst trying to dispose of it in the toilet

High: Saving a fiver a week on nappies and spending it on wine
Low: Needing at least a bottle of wine a night to de-stress

High: How potty training promotes his independence
Low: How he shuts the bathroom door on you

High: Choosing big boy pants
Low: Throwing away big boy pants rather than deal with poo accidents

High: His look of self congratulation on his face when he 'makes' it
Low: His look of concentration on his face whilst performing

High: Giving you advance warning that he wants a wee/poo
Low: Repeatedly giving you advance warning that he might want a wee/poo between the hours of 2.00am and 4.00am

High: Holding on till you can get to a public convenience whilst out shopping
Low: Paying 20p to get into public convenience for it to be a false alarm

High: Not needing to take nappies, wipes and nappy sacks out with you anymore
Low: Needing to take 3 changes of clothes, a roll of bin bags and a potty everywhere you go for the next month

High: He has progressed to doing poos on the potty
Low: He takes a comic into the toilet with him

High: He is potty trained
Low: But where has my baby gone :-(


  1. This is hilarious! We are entering the world of potty training rather slowly! They do grow up so fast but definitely a stage I would like to see the back of very quickly.

  2. Brilliant! When GG takes a book into the loo with her it can be hours before we see her again!

  3. Brilliant post!
    Both Little G and I are not good with dirt so potty training will be NOT fun for either one of us! Last time she saw a poo in her potty she freaked out so much that we had to throw away the potty and get her toilet seat thing - she does love the flushing part!

  4. This really made me laugh - we've just come through it all - I need trauma therapy!

  5. Hilarious post - laughed all the way through. Then I remembered POD keeps taking her nappy off *borrows potty training manual*

  6. Very amusing, especially paying 20p for a false alarm. You should have a read of Chapter 1 of Adventures in Potty Training which lists some of the possible consequences of abandoning nappies for pants:

  7. Very funny - probably because I am going through it at the moment. Only one more to go and then I will be wondering where my babies have gone too x

  8. thank you so much! i am going through the highs and lows of potty training with my little son Finn at the moment and using the bright bots potty training pants from brollysheets uk - i am going to however print this list out and put it on the fridge for my reference esp when potty training goes a bit awry lol


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