Wednesday 20 March 2013


The speed and exhilaration must be incredible, breathtaking.
The skill and concentration unfathomable.
To watch the Red Arrows is to see a sight so enthralling that the screaming of their engines overhead is almost drowned out by the gasps of onlookers.

making gif

These photos were taken two summers ago from my back garden.
I have been looking back through some photos and find myself desperately looking forward to summer, to being in the garden again, watching the children playing and, maybe, possibly, a repeat performance from the Red Arrows.

Joining in with The Gallery and the theme Red.



  1. Oooo you gif guru! Good choice!

  2. Wow - I know you were a VIP (for technical wizardry maybe?) but a personal red arrows fly past - I am impressed.

  3. You're own private performance, lucky you! Roll on summer, it won't be long :-D

  4. We had the same the Red Arrows!!


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