Friday 26 April 2013

Mess and manners

messy floor

If your child made a mess like this while having lunch at home, you'd clear it up.
If your child made a mess like this while having lunch in a restaurant, what would you do?

In the first instance, I would have been picking bits up as they fell. Who wants mushed food on the soles of their shoes? In the second instance I would pick up the worst of it with a napkin. There is absolutely no way I could stand up, brush myself and my child off (adding to the carnage that was lunch on the floor) and walk away.

But the two mums and their two children who sat at the table next to us did exactly that this week.

I think I may have gawped as they walked away. I was embarrassed for them. Then I was apologetic to the waiter who came to our table, on behalf of the rest of mothers who would have made an attempt to clear it up. I think to have left this kind of mess is just plain rude and arrogant. Yes you are paying to be waited on. But who do you think you are? For goodness sake, get some manners and show some respect!

Apologies to the Mr who I may have slightly embarrassed as I took this picture and apologies for the rant, but occasionally you just have to let off some steam.



  1. That is disgusting! Dread to think what their houses are like!! ;)

    1. They probably have a cleaner and a nanny!

    2. True, but they should still be ashamed of themselves :D

  2. I always ask the staff to come over and apologise, but I wouldn't pick it up myself

  3. I love that you took a picture of it! We'll be starting solids with daughter number 2 in a couple of weeks so this has just sent fear through me as I remember feeding time with toddlers.

    1. Make sure you're armed with wet wipes and a dustpan and brush! Good luck x

  4. What example does that send to the children?!!!!

    I would have stopped them and said "sorry, I think you forgot something....



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