Saturday 27 April 2013


Sometimes responsibility can lie heavily on our shoulders. It can weigh us down with its gravity. The idea of shirking it, rebelliously dancing in our heads. And then you have the chance to do exactly that - throw it aside and skip all over it. Or in my case, wave it goodbye in the rear-view mirror.

It was only a brief adieu and I returned to my responsibility happily, refreshed and rejuvenated thanks to a day at a Bannatyne's Spa won in a Britmums competition.

Fivegoblogging 365project week 17 2013

The lawn is most definitely the Mr's responsibility
A day without responsibility at the Spa.
Responsible for ensuring the safety of art from the three amigos.
The tea urn is a great responsibility at toddlers group.
Responsible for the safe return of the bee to the garden who mistook my windowsill for a safe haven.
Responsible for watering the plants.
Responsible for safeguarding our history in the minds of our children.

Did you get a responsibility free hour or two this week? I can highly recommend it!

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  1. ooooh what a wonderful win and a heavenly break from mummy hood too!!i like the grass cutting shot - the angle with which you have taken it.and great reflections in the tea urn too x

  2. Sadly the lawn is my responsibility in our house, and I am very envious of your spa trip!

  3. so glad you had a lovely time at the spa :-) fab pictures too x

  4. Gosh it seems ages since I had no responsibilities! I could really do with a spa - so glad you had a lovely time - what a fab prize!

  5. Hooray to a bit of 'me' time - we all need it now and again and come back happy and refreshed!

  6. I am going to Paris for a night next weekend with only the 4yo, leaving the baby (and the responsibility for her!) with the husband for the first time. Very excited :-)

  7. Just the thought of going away even for a few hours already makes us feel better sometimes. In my case I don't need much and then I am happy once again to come back home and start my routine all over again. Unfortunately I have nothing planned righ now to look forward to but knowing myself I know I will be soon coming up with something. :)

  8. OOh lucky you - a spa day! Love all the pictures as usual - especially the swimmimg pool and the urn - you are so good at making ordinary things look great in a photo. I need to practice more!

  9. Oh these are beautiful photos! I love how you make a mundane task like cutting the lawn look so romantic!

  10. I love the last shot of the vintage car!

    Thanks for linking up to 365.


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