Wednesday 17 April 2013


Remember when all you had to worry about was if Mum had put a chocolate biscuit in your lunchbox?
If you would be allowed to watch Coronation Street?
If you would get the new Barbie for Christmas just like the one your best friend had?
If you would be allowed to get some pic'n'mix in town?
If you could sneak the liver from your plate to the dog without Mum noticing?
If it would be butterscotch (bleugh) or chocolate Angel Delight for pudding?
If you would ever be allowed to get your ears pierced before you left school?
If blue eye shadow suited you better than green?

If you swung higher on the swings you would actually take off?


As I get older the worries multiply but for this moment, when I went on the swing at the park, all I worried about was what my daughter must be thinking of me to have such an appalled expression on her face!

Oh to be young again...

Joining in with The Gallery and the theme Youth.



  1. Hee, hee, hee! That's an awesome pic!!

  2. How did you not fall off while taking the picture

  3. Hahaha! I love that photo it's awesome and who cares how horrified the kids are :-D

  4. Brilliant. Going on swings only makes me feel sick now... typical!

  5. I remember those times well too! I love her face seeing you on the swing! x

  6. Haha, love that picture ! I like your post too, I recognise my children's 'worries' while the way you put it makes me realise I had the same ones !

  7. Chocolate biscuits in our lunch boxes?! A salad cream sandwich was about as good as it got for us..
    And as for butterscotch angel delight, it's not bleugh - that's the best flavour! Do they still make that stuff? I'm going to have to revisit that taste.
    I like your swinging on the swings in the park (I know that park too). And yes, you can take off if you go high enough so be careful!

  8. Haha! Cracking picture. My son had me doing headstands the other day. I never thought I would be doing those!

  9. Ha! I can just imagine you trying to take that shot - loon!
    You obviously grew up in the same era as me. Leather liver was always on our menu!


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