Thursday 18 April 2013

Spring clean to Spring craft

Spring is the traditional time for a mammoth clean up isn't it?
Except I don't do housework willingly, so instead I am having a mini Spring clear out starting with clothes.

I don't have an extensive wardrobe and much of it is very last season. Actually last season before last before that one. Staring into its depths my wardrobe only serves to taunt me with its tired shrugging shoulders (padded) and its lazy crumpled pleats (unironed). I have some classics that I have had for years but are now so worn that they are only useful for the Scouts rag bag collection, and some fashion disasters that will likely reside in a charity shop for months.

I made three piles.

Pile 1 - classics not threadbare and/or wear often.
Pile 2 - too challenging for even the best make do and mender.
Pile 3 - hasn't seen the light of day for years.

Pile 1 was refolded, hung on wooded hangers and replaced in the (now more spacious) wardrobe.
Pile 2 was sorted into two more piles. One consisted of fabrics I might use for crafting or sewing and buttons I can reuse. The other was bagged up for the Scouts.
Pile 3 is heading to the charity shop.

I have done the same with the Mr's shirts and the kids clothes too and this provided a rather opportunistic pile of fabric that shouted "Make something with me!!" So I did.

Shirts for upcycling

All over my Instagram feed I see quilters using shirt fabric for projects but not being a quilter I sought inspiration on Pinterest and came up with this.

Pinned from Not on the High Street
Credit: Not on the High Street

Three shirts, a bit of ribbon and a rummage through the button stash later, I knocked up this heart decoration.

Happy Home Happy Heart shirt upcycle

Happy Home, Happy Heart x

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  1. So pretty and thrifty of you! Thanks for linking up x

  2. I agree with Viv, Pretty AND thrifty!! Gorgeous my friend.... please come and sort my wardrobe for me??!!! Thanks for entering the PinAddicts challenge too - you rock xx

  3. A great way to reuse clothes and using you husband's shirts gives it that personal touch


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