Saturday 6 April 2013

Seven Cures for a Confectionery Overdose

School holidays and confectionery overdose.
There is only one possible solution - throw them outside (suitably wrapped up) and let them burn off the sugar.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 14 2013

Yorkie Bar Egg = climb a tree
Bag of marshmallows = ride scooter around the patio in ever decreasing circles whilst wearing shades.
Two bags of Maltesers = over generous Grandparents and a walk around the allotments.
Mini Caramel Eggs x 2 = competitive bunny hunting at Burghley
Moshi Monsters Egg = make funny shadows in the garden
Chocolate Bear = self portrait I'm saving to show her therapist (JOKE!)
No more chocolate = cinema and Wreck It Ralph in Candy Land!

Hope you managed to keep some chocolate for yourself this week ;-)

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  1. hee hee i like what you have done here! i have found it hard not to eat any of the numerous easter eggs we have in our house at the moment!! i could do with some of your sugar burning regime! i like the tree climbing and funny shadow pics best x

  2. I absolutely love your take on it, really funny. Great photo of the silver rabbit and I like the shadow on the fence, works well in monochrome.

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. no chocolate for me :-( loving the silver bunny!

  4. The silver hare/rabbit is really cool! And I like the allotment shot, too :)

  5. I've not had much chocolate and I have rationed theirs - mean mummy that I am! Love the pics - especially the shadows and the self-portrait. So good to finally get some decent weather to get outside.

  6. Love your analogy here - sweets followed by burst of exercise! Sadly I didn't get even one chocolate egg. I made known my disappointment!

  7. There is not a scrap of chocolate left in our house - hardly surprising with six children! An imaginative and funny post for Easter time.

  8. Sounds like a good idea to me! I did get a bunny, he is hidden in the kitchen cupboard, out of the greedy eyes of the children!

  9. Great pictures and great idea! We have eaten far too much chocolate too but if you can't do it at Easter when can you?! Oh yeah, Christmas, Birthdays, Fridays....


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