Monday, 24 June 2013

A lie-in with Dunelm

After the brain fizzing, emotionally exhausting, blogging banter of Britmums, on Saturday night I crawled into my bed, grateful for the love of my family.

Sunday I woke and this was my view.

bedrrom curtains and bed linen

Dunelm Mill has filled my bedroom with some beautiful luxurious textiles, birds flying at my window, ripples of crisp blue and cream on my bed and a wonderfully calm atmosphere. I should point out that Dunelm hadn't snuck into my bedroom during the night and transformed it. It had actually been like this when I got into bed the previous night but I was just to darn tired to appreciate it.

My bedroom curtains have always been a sad disappointment. The windows had previously been draped with some rather naff beige chintzy polyester, followed by some dark red velvety swags, neither of which did anything for the room at all. Then Dunelm suggested I try out their curtains. I drew up a short list of my favourites which I passed over to the Mr to select from. I then ignored what he said and went for these embroidered song bird curtains instead.

What I love about these curtains is that the birds contrast so beautifully when the morning sunlight shines through. The birds look like they are a dark colour but they are in fact a lovely duck egg blue which coordinates perfectly with the blue in Dunelm's circles bed linen set. Harmony in the bedroom.

Dunelm Songbird curtains

dunelm curtains and bed linen duvet cover

Dunelm duck egg blue circles duvet cover

Dunelm circles duvet cover and oxford pillow cover

I was pleasantly surprised by the prices particularly given the great quality of the fabrics, and the choice was almost too much for someone who couldn't make a decision. I made my choices using their website which although is excellent in being able to see the range available, was not so brilliant when it came to seeing the detail of the fabric up close. The quality of some of the photos they used could have been better. The images were not a high enough resolution to zoom in close enough. I was confident about the curtains as that image was good on the website but the bedding was actually nicer than I thought it would be.

Browsing their website was very easy, too easy! I could have spent many a happy coffee break virtually dressing my home. Well done Dunelm Mill, and thank you for a lovely Sunday morning in bed *cough*.

Disclosure: I was given the curtains and bedding free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and if I didn't like it, I'd tell you x


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