Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ring, damn you!

Last week I got a phone call that had me squealing like a girl.
This week I have been waiting for the phone to ring to confirm it.
The phone hasn't rung.
It's still a possibility. But increasingly a slim possibility.
So this week I will not watch my phone. I will not wait. I will not be disappointed.

Instead I will get excited about BRITMUMS LIVE!

I will be there. I'll be clutching my phone, trying to remember how to work twitter so I can find people, and snapping the instagram life out of my battery.

I am so excited about meeting some blogging buddies and making some new friends, especially my fellow 365'ers. See you there I hope!

Five Go Blogging 365project week 24 2013

Waiting by the school gates. Phone hasn't rung.
Dripping school run. No messages.
Look! Over there! A phone that isn't ringing.
Head sized cookie break. While the phone doesn't ring.
Tea break in the garden. Away from the phone.
Daydreaming out of a rain splatered window. About a non existent phone call.
The Wee One playing the fool. While I panic about a lack of phone signal.

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  1. Cant wait to meet you at Britmums, so excited!

  2. the dripping school run photo is really good nd i really like the one of your 3 children sat on the steps too.will that phone ring again???? i hope so :)

    see you next weekend x x

  3. I do love the photo of everyone on the front door.
    Look forward to meeting you at the weekend!

  4. I hope that 'phone rings soon and I'm v jealous about Britmums - daren't go for fear of divorce. (OH still not entirely approving of blog although I feel he is softening - maybe by next year!)
    Love the dripping school run and the three of them in front of the door

  5. Loving the kids sat on the steps xx

  6. That's a lovely happy picture of the children on the steps - let's hope the phone rings soon!

  7. i do hope you get your long awaited phone call soon!! fab pictures and hope to meet you at Britmums Live x

  8. Oh no I hate waiting for 'important' phone calls, you try not to obsess about it but you can't help it! You're not obsessing though are you?? Great photos as always

  9. I look forward to meeting you at Britmums

  10. Hope you get the phone call this week... even though it didn't they are great pictures from the week. I love the 'look over there' picture

  11. Really looking forward to bumping into you again! X.


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